TJ Group of Companies offers a wide range of electrical cables. We have cables for almost every electrical project. Cables best suited for certain weather conditions, certain distances and/lengths, certain conductivity or current carrying capacity, etc.


Single core, 6mm² cross sectional area, 7 wire tinned annealed copper conductor. Extruded semi-conducting layer to equalize electric stress around the conductor. Cross-linked polyethylene insulation giving superior electrical and mechanical characteristics. Semi-conducting woven tape for stress equalization. Brass screen tape – Copper is available where enhanced mechanical properties is not required. Polyethylene (PE) or Polyvinylchloride (PVC) – Standard colours are yellow, black, red, blue, green, grey and white.

Bare Copper

High conductivity plain soft stranded copper conductors manufactured according to international specification standards.

Overhead Aluminium Conductors

Aluminium conductors have achieved wide acceptance all over the world for use in overhead transmission and distribution lines. Generally, a steel core is used with the aluminium to give the conductor mechanical strength. This arrangement is termed Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced or ACSR. Conductors comprised entirely of aluminium are known as All Aluminium Conductors or AAC. These conductors are extensively used for busbars in outdoor substations where spans are short. All Aluminium Alloy Conductors or AAAC consist of an alloying of aluminium to give a tensile strength in excess of that of AAC, allowing longer spans. These conductors are recommended for coastal areas where severe corrosion is a problem.

Paper Insulated Lead Cables (PILC)

Paper insulated cables have been in use longer than any other type of cable insulation and, due to the reputation built up over the years, are still today a great favorite with engineers. When properly selected and correctly installed, this product can be relied upon to provide a satisfactory and trouble-free performance for many years. Our association with one of Africa’s largest and oldest cable manufacturers placed at our disposal the technical expertise needed to understand the technology.

Specialised Cable

Low voltage 16 mm², 5 core copper cable (3 phase, neutral and reduced 10 mm² earth conductor), PVC insulated, PVC bedded, SWA PVC sheathed and manufactured to SANS 1507-3


Airdac SNE & CNE Cable

Circular stranded hard-drawn copper phase conductor, XLPE insulated with concentrically arranged identified neutral and bare earth conductors. Polyethylene sheathed 600/1000 V service connection cable. Nylon ripcord laid under sheath. Manufactured to SANS 1507 -6

Aerial Bundle Conductor (ABC)

Self-supporting system consists of four cores of hard-drawn stranded and compacted aluminium conductors of equal cross-section and insulated with carbon-loaded XLPE to ensure UV protection. All cores strained equally. The supporting core system consists of three phase cores of hard-drawn stranded compacted aluminium conductors insulated with carbon-loaded XLPE laid up around an aluminium-alloy to ensure UV protection. Additional sub-conductors are optional in both self-supporting and supporting-core systems.

General Wires

Audio Cord (Ripcord)

High conductivity bunched plain flexible copper conductors. Two cores insulated with general purpose flexible grade PVC.

Cabtyre Cable

High conductivity bunched plain flexible copper conductors to. Insulated and colour coded with general purpose flexible grade PVC. Cores are twisted together and sheathed with a flexible grade.

General Welding Cable

Single core flexible copper conductors to SANS 1411-Part 1, EPM (Ethylene-propylene monomer) insulated, CM (Chloronated Polyethylene) or CR (Polychloropene) sheathed, heavy duty welding cables.

Illumination Cable

High conductivity stranded plain copper conductors. Insulated and sheathed with general purpose flexible grade PVC in a flat parallel configuration. The correct size profile and soft sheath allows for a watertight seal between the standard lamp holder and the cable.

Monster Cable

High conductivity bunched plain flexible copper conductors to SANS 1411-1. 2 Core insulated with general purpose flexible grade PVC to SANS 1411-2.

Intermediate Voltage


Electrical and physical properties of 3 core PVC insulated PVC bedded SWA PVC sheathed 1,9/3,3 kV cables with copper conductors and manufactured to SANS 1507-3.

Vultex XPLE

Vultex is Aberdare’s registered brand name for MV power cable insulated with XLPE. Medium voltage Electric Cable – 6,6 kV to 33 kV.

LV Amoured Cable

Bells and Mains cable

Plain copper conductors to SANS 1411-Part 1, Class 2. Two, three or four cores insulated with PVC, PVC bedded, steel wire armored and sheathed with general purpose fire retardant PVC.

Single Core Cable

Electrical and physical properties of single core stranded copper conductors, PVC Insulated, PVC bedded, AWA PVC sheathed 600 / 1000 V cables manufactured to SANS 1507-3.

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